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Grow your business and trainer network with our leading Everything DiSC® solutions.
Our behavioural tools form an integral part of Human Resource and Organisational Development. 


To continue making a lasting difference for organisations and individuals around the world, we are looking for Authorised Partners. 

Our Authorised Partners are accredited to work with and deliver programmes using our best selling Everything DiSC® products.

Why Become an Authorised Partner?

  • We are the most innovative developer of DiSC® based solutions with over 40 years of experience. 
  • We are part of a large, publicly listed global company founded in 1807. 
  • Our products are used worldwide, in thousands of organisations, including many Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Every year, over one million people learn to work more effectively using Everything DiSC® products. 
  • To date, more than 45 million people in over 70 countries have used our solutions. 
  • We do not sell direct. We strictly sell through our Authorised Partner network - therefore there will be no selling conflicts. 
  • Our solutions are easily distributed online, ensuring delivery efficiency and convenient customer management.

Our Everything DiSC® Solutions

The complete range of DiSC® solutions is the result of significant research and development. We place a strong emphasis on validation and research of our products, so you can trust and rely on them. 

Wherever they are applied, you can expect them to make a real and lasting impact. 

The product portfolio including profiles and related facilitation materials which can be used on their own or integrated in to existing programmes to easily and effectively improve interpersonal relationships. 

Realise positive results in your clients’ programmes and address a broad range of soft skills areas including:

  • Improving Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Team Building
  • Personal and Professional Coaching

We sell our products exclusively through this elite network of independent consultants, trainers, and coaches.

  • Benefits

    What can you expect as an Everything DiSC® Authorised Partner?

    • Access to our bestselling Everything DiSC® profiles used by over 45 million people
    • An online assessment-delivery system with efficient features for customer management
    • A dedicated Wiley partner care representative to support your business
    • Attendance on our comprehensive Partner Certification programme 
    • Customisable products and marketing materials to help you market your own brand
    • Access to wholesale pricing on all Everything DiSC products.

    Build Your Brand

    Our products and online assessment delivery platform enables you to apply the brand and details of your company or that of your trainers. In other words, we deliver the products, research and expertise – you deliver the brand; the perfect recipe for building long-term customer relationships and growing your business.  

    Awards Programme

    As an Authorised Partner you will be eligible for our Awards Programme, offering opportunities for additional discounts on product purchases as well as various prizes. Generally speaking, the more business you generate, the greater the reward. 

    Network Culture

    Our Authorised Partners are known for being collaborative, respectful and openly share with one another. In other words, they tend to work together across borders and industries, rather than compete with each other. This not only benefits the culture within the network, but ultimately translates into more business.

  • Training & Support

    Our success comes from strengthening the presence and competencies of our Authorised Partners through dedicated training and support. We place a strong emphasis on training and business development support since we go to market entirely through our Authorised Partners.


    We at Wiley maintain a reputation for superior products and superior representation. We ensure you have the knowledge and resources you need to feel confident representing and distributing our products. 

    As an Authorised Partner, you will use Everything DiSC® facilitation systems and products which are the result of over 40 years of research. The facilitation systems offer versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of organisational issues including, but not limited to communication, management, sales, leadership, conflict management and the overall workplace in general. 


    As an Authorised Partner, a Wiley partner care representative will be assigned to you to ensure minimal ramp-up time and help you begin developing your business. Your Wiley partner care representative will assist you with product enquiries and any other business development support you may need to keep your daily business running smoothly. 

    Annual Partner Conference

    MindLab48, our annual global conference, brings high-quality learning and networking opportunities to all Authorised Partners. MindLab48 is attended by our most successful partners from around the world — as well as those on their way to building strong Everything DiSC businesses. 

    Everything DiSC Authorised Partner Newsletter

    The Everything DiSC Authorised Partner Newsletter is our business newsletter that aims to keep you up-to-date with market news, trainer tools, campaigns and product updates. Additionally it gives you the opportunity to learn about successful practices of other Partners from around the world. In other words, everything which impacts your business.     

  • What We're Looking For

    Everything DiSC® Authorised Partners are our distributors and representatives in a particular market. As an Authorised Partner your main ambition should be to deliver products and programmes to clients.  


    We are currently looking for new Partners to represent us. Should you be interested in joining our Authorised Partner network, the leading provider of DiSC® solutions, please contact us.


    Interested in joining us?

    Our Everything DiSC Authorised Partners vary in market, size, and experience. But they all share a commitment to their clients.

    To qualify to be an Everything DiSC® Authorised Partner you should

    • Own an established training, consulting, or coaching business
    • Participate in our Partner Certification programme 
    • Know your market, your partners and your clients
    • Have substantial experience within Human Resources
      and Organisational Development
    • Be determined and have the drive to grow your business
    • Possess a sharply developed sense of professionalism and ethics
    • Set the pace for training and development trends
    • Enjoy training others

    Be ready to make a difference with Everything DiSC’s world class solutions.

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